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If you’re like most folks I’ve worked with, you’ve likely experienced trauma.

What exactly is trauma?

I define trauma as anything that overwhelms your capacity to cope.


This can be a single incident or it can be a series of events that accumulated over time. These painful experiences affect you emotionally, physically and spiritually. You may be left feeling guilty, ashamed and alone.


You may also deal with chronic anxiety and depression that you just can't make sense of. You might find yourself self-medicating with substance use, overeating, compulsive sex or overspending.


You may also struggle with relationships. Why? Because trauma often occurs from someone who you cared for deeply. This can lead you to question who you can trust, and if you are truly deserving of love and care at all.

I am a trauma specialist and certified EMDR practitioner.

My method synthesizes the best of a variety of therapeutic and evidenced-based approaches, including CBT, DBT and attachment theory.


I’ll help you set clear goals for treatment and understand exactly how your past is informing your present. It is important that therapy is consistent, strategic and gentle.


Through EMDR, we can efficiently re-regulate your nervous system. I’ll help you find your confidence and cultivate meaningful, supportive relationships.

You don't have to stay stuck.

On the other side is a life feeling confident and good about yourself. 


If you’re like most clients I work with, you don’t want to just live–you want to thrive.


Email or call me to schedule a complementary 15 minute phone consultation today. I’ll listen to your story and dreams for the future. It’s time that you create the life you want to live. Let’s get started.


I first tackled my own mental health in a pretty dramatic way when I was sent to a residential treatment center. Sitting in my first therapy session, that thought that kept looping through my head was: I don’t want to be here. How is this stranger, who knows nothing about me, supposed to make any difference in my life? But, I decided I would at least give it a try. And, after a few tries, I finally connected with the right therapist. Someone who got me. Someone who could identify my feelings in a way that I couldn’t. Someone who was transparent, direct, and gave me clear, specific direction. Once I experienced real therapy, I understood more than ever how much connection is the cure.


I truly believe that we heal through relationship—not in isolation. So rather than providing a list of pre-scripted tools, I strive to develop real, authentic connections with my clients. And I only endorse techniques that I truly believe in. That’s because every modality I practice, from CBT to EMDR, is something I’ve tried myself. In fact, they’re still tools that I practice today.

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8217 Melrose Ave.

Suite 211

West Hollywood, CA 90048

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Michael Pezzullo, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #120508

West Hollywood, CA


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