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What is EMDR?

Traditional talk therapy is often not sufficient to process certain traumas. That's because trauma impacts the brain and the body in a way that language cannot access.


EMDR was developed to help clients process traumas that have become "stuck" in their nervous system. Through EMDR, we'll utilize bilateral stimulation to process and integrate traumas. EMDR is an organized, structured protocol. Clients can integrate EMDR into their talk therapy. Or, they can seek therapy for just EMDR alone.

Although EMDR originally used eye movement, the technique is now implemented through tapping. EMDR is a much more manualized modality of therapy as well. Each session will focus on processing specific "target" memories.

After we experience a trauma, our bodies and minds are supposed to return to a state of calm and stability. However, this often is not the case. Frequently we are left in a traumatized state. We may feel a constant sense of anxiety or hypervigilance. We may feel tired, depressed and even dissociated.

How soon should you begin EMDR? Trauma takes about 90 days to consolidate into a memory. If you'd like to process something very recent, we can do some stabilization work so you are fully prepared when it's time to process the trauma.

I use EMDR to treat post-traumatic stress and complex trauma. In addition, EMDR is also extremely useful for addiction, grief & loss and eating disorders.

Watch my EMDR Demo:

Green Geometric Shapes
Green Geometric Shapes

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