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White Sheet

Substance Use

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Are you struggling with substance use?

We all know that drug use is rampant in our community. It’s one thing to party every now and then or attend a music festival here and there. But it’s also very easy to go too far and lose control.


Your friends invite you out to drinks on weekday evening. You tell yourself you’re just going to have one or maybe two drinks max. When you get there, you find yourself overwhelmed with social anxiety. You end up getting way too drunk and then doing some party drugs.


Or, you met up with someone on a hook up apps. They ask you if you like to party and play. You’ve heard of the dangers, but you decide to throw caution to the wind—just this once. Now, several months later, you’ve developed a drug habit. You desperately want to quit, but you can’t seem to do so on your own.


You don’t have to do this alone.


I have years of specialized experience treating substance use in private practice, intensive outpatient and residential levels of care. I can help you understand why you've been using and how you can finally stop. I can also connect you with the resources you will need to stay sober long term.


You should be proud of yourself that you’re seeking a life of recovery. It takes courage to face life on life’s terms without the numbing effects of drugs and alcohol.

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