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“Anxiety is nothing more than nervous energy in your body. This energy rises and falls just like waves on the ocean.”

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Anxiety is crippling.

It’s our mind and body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. It is a cluster of symptoms that are almost unbearable at times. Some have a chronic, low-grade anxiety that is persistent. Others experience anxiety in the form of sudden, intense panic attacks.

Anxiety hijacks you.

Your body is restless, uneasy, and on edge. You have a knot in your stomach. You can’t sleep. Your mind is bombarded with fearful thoughts. You may be fixated on a specific fear, obsessively looping. Or you may jump from one thought to another so fast you can barely keep up.

There is always a cause.

Our minds and bodies crave rest—not a state of constant tension. Through therapy, we will restore your equilibrium so you can enjoy relaxation and calm again. Many factors can trigger anxiety. Trauma, chronic stress, relationship conflict, and so on. We will examine them all to find out what’s causing yours.

Your anxiety can actually work for you. 

Navigating fear is part of life. Humans have a natural drive to find safety and security. Anxiety is nature’s way of alerting you that something is wrong. We don’t want to get rid of that entirely. Rather, we want our anxiety to work for us, not against us. 

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