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Let's optimize your life.

I work with clients struggling with a myriad of issues, including: depression, anxiety, substance use, sobriety, trauma, sexual health, relationship issues, OCD, anger management, grief, divorce & separation, family of origin dynamics, LGBTQ+ identity, self esteem & confidence, borderline personality disorder, just to name a few.

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Your therapy should be distinctively yours.

No two people are the same. So my goal is to utilize specific therapeutic tools uniquely tailored to your needs. My method synthesizes the best of several therapeutic approaches including EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, internal family systems and attachment theory.

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We will work together.

Throughout the therapeutic process, I engage my clients in an ongoing dialog about their experience of the therapy. I directly ask them to describe what they enjoy, what they dislike, and how we can continue collaborating to make the treatment as effective as possible.

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