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Therapy for Gay Men

You probably deal with a lot of shame.

That's because you grew up in a family, culture and society that told you that you weren't enough. That there was a part of you that was inherently flawed and unacceptable. As a result, you likely developed coping mechanisms to tolerate this shame. You may have developed perfectionism, trying to make yourself as palatable as possible to others. You have have developed unhealthy coping mechanisms to numb yourself to feeling low self-worth.


You don't have to live like this anymore.


I focus specifically on providing psychotherapy to gay men in my practice. In therapy, I can help you to re-discover and celebrate your authentic. Below are some of the most common themes I see.

Leaves Shadow

Internalized Homophobia

You have built a successful and satisfying life. You have a thriving career, great friends and exciting travel opportunities. But, despite all of this, you still feel a sense of shame. You still still struggle to fully accept yourself & feel confident.

Substance Use

You met up with a guy on Grindr. He asks you if you like to 'party and play.' You’ve heard of the dangers, but you decide to throw caution to the wind—just this once. Now, several months later, you’ve developed a drug habit. You desperately want to quit, but you can’t seem to do so on your own.


You’ve just begun dating someone that you’re really clicking with. You want to initiate sex, but you’re nervous. You don't feel comfortable with intimacy. You're not sure how to express your sexual needs in a direct, healthy way.

Queer Trauma

Growing up, you didn't fit in with the other boys. You were teased and bullied for being effeminate. You may have been outed for your perceived sexuality before you even know you were gay yourself. Now, you still find yourself on high-alert in predominately straight enviro

Low Self-Esteem

You join a gym to start developing the ideal body you want. On your first day you walk in and you see tons of other gay men with perfect bodies. You immediately feel overcome with insecurity and a sense of defeat.


After a long day accomplishing a host of important tasks, you look forward to a night in relaxing. But you can't. Your mind races with worry and you're flooded with tension and restlessness.

Michael Pezzullo, LMFT

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After years of specialized clinical training working with gay men, I have developed my own method for treating our unique needs. My method is based not only on therapeutic expertise, but on my own experience as an out gay man. My goal isn’t to tell you what to do. My goal is to help you create the life you want to live.

Schedule your first session:

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