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What are your fees?

My rates are $300 for individual sessions and $350 for couples.


Do you take insurance?

No. I'm not an in-network provider with any insurnce cmpany. However, if you have a PPO policy there is a strong chance you can utilize your "out network" benefits to receive a significant reimbursement. I'll provide you with a receipt, known as a "superbill" you can submit to your insurance provider following sessions.


How does therapy work? How long does it last?

First, we'll start with what you're dealing with now. What symptoms you're struggling with, what pain you're experiencing. My goal is to find you relief. Then, we'll see what else there is to explore. For some, this takes a few months. For others, a few years. It's not just about making changes once. We want to take the time to make sure these pivotal life changes actually stick. My goal is to leave no stone unturned so you leave therapy feeling fully confident moving forward in your life.


What if I need other resources?

My goal is to support you in all areas of healing and wellbeing. I have a strong network of clinicians I trust where I often refer clients for services such as: medical care, psychiatry, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and so on. I love collaborating with other clinicians as well to make sure we can deliver the best care possible.

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