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Thriving Mind Method

You know you're ready for change.

I have a method that will work for you. Only with a strategic mindset can you build the fulfilling life you want—as efficiently as possible. I want to give you a plan of action designed to help you feel empowered to take charge of your life and to find confidence in yourself. 

Get Past Your Past

  • Use motivational tools to get you going again

  • Process traumas using evidenced-based modalities 

  • Change negative belief systems that keep you stuck

Cultivate Your Confidence

  • Utilize coping skills to regulate emotions

  • Work through areas of shame 

  • Eliminate unhealthy & destructive behaviors

Create Your Ideal Future

  • Build healthy relationships.

  • Find meaning & purpose.

  • Develop identifiable goals for your future.

The Three Phases of Psychotherapy:

1. Clinical Assessment

I spend the first three sessions as a researcher, carefully collecting as much data as possible. Areas we will explore include: childhood experiences, family dynamics, intergenerational patterns, relationship history, sexuality, mental health history, coping skills, job history, and so much more. I want to get to know you in as much detail as possible so all of my therapeutic recommendations are extremely well informed and accurate.

2. Treatment Planning

Once the assessment is complete, then I will provide recommendations for treatment. My goal is to choose the exact therapeutic tools that are perfectly suited for your needs. To do so, I will utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities that I believe in and have practiced for years.

3. Tracking Progress

Everyone comes to therapy with different goals. I want to make sure that you are getting what you want out of our work. So, as we work together, I will frequently check in with you about your progress. My goal is for therapy to be as effective as possible.

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