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We all seek connection.


My perspective is based on attachment theory—that we all long for connection, nurturing and security above all else. That our earliest relationships with our caregivers dramatically inform your relationships in adulthood.

Find the courage to state your needs.

Life is balance of learning to get your needs met by others—and meeting your own needs. But many of us simply don’t know how to get our relational needs met. Or we don’t know how to voice what we want.

What am I longing for?

You need to ask yourself: what am I hoping to get out of my relationship? How do I see my role as a partner? In our sessions, I won’t just let you re-hash arguments you’ve already had at home. We’ll figure out the root causes of your disconnection.

Here are some questions I might ask you in a couples session:

- What were your first impressions of your partner? What attracted you to them?

- What have been the happiest times in your relationship? What have been the most challenging times?

- How do you express affection toward your partner? How would you like them to express it to you?


- How do you handle conflict in your relationship? And how to rejoin afterward?

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