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I work with parents & children going through high-conflict divorces and separations

Divorce is trauma


Since divorce is so common, we often minimize its impact. Many folks feel like a bomb went off in their life, upending the future they had imagined for themselves. This impact is dramatically exacerbated when the divorce includes high-conflict. The truth is divorce takes a heavy toll on one’s mental health, leading to depression, anxiety, etc.


Your ex may drag you through the mud


Divorce is hard enough. Unfortunately, some ex-partners go out of their way to make it harder. They often manipulate the legal system to take your money, your time and, most importantly, your freedom. The person you once considered your closest confidant may not be your constant tormenter.


You will get your life back

I can arm you with the tools to walk through this process as smoothly as possible. In the middle of a messy divorce, you might not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel--but it's there. I can help you get there. Together we will navigate this process by setting clear boundaries, making sure your needs are met, and maintaining your emotional wellbeing.

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Children & Divorce

Children are the most wounded by divorce.


A child’s sense of self and wellbeing are one hundred percent contingent on their attachments to their parents—both of their parents. Children in the middle of high-conflict divorce experience severe stress, as these attachments are upended.


Children are not nearly as resilient as they seem.


Although children may seem mostly “fine” and unaffected, don’t be fooled. Their psychological toll may not become evident right away. But they are at a dramatically increased risk of developing depression, anxiety, personality disorders, substance use, self-harming behaviors and even suicide attempts.

Early intervention isn't just recommended--it's essential.

Michael Pezzullo, LMFT

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I have developed a customized set of skills and strategies to get you through a contentious divorce, separation or custody battle. I can also connect you with reputable divorce attorneys, mediators custody evaluators I work with. Contact me for a free consultation to get started.

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