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ED is normal--and can happen at any age


Most young men are surprised and confused when they experience ED. They may have assumed this issue wouldn’t occur until they were much older. They are also usually surprised to learn that ED is both common and highly treatable.

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The #1 Cause of ED is Anxiety

The most common cause of ED is psychological. It’s actually quite simple. It's anxiety. And, luckily, there are a number of techniques we can use to decrease this anxiety and get you back to having a satisfying sex life.

As man, we internalize a lot of harsh messages about sex. Unfortunately, these messages interfere with our ability to enjoy sex itself.

Many men rely on ED meds they don’t need

Since the standard treatments often ignore important emotional and biological influences on sexual health, many men end up relying on medications they simply don’t need. Not only do they become dependent on a medication, they never get to the root cause of their sexual dysfunction.

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You can get your sex life back.

You shouldn't have to miss out on a fun, satisfying sex life. You can get a handle on your ED quicker than you might think. And, I'll help connect you with some of the best urologists and doctors in town to make the process as as smooth as possible.

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Let's get started

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