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I am completing certification in attachment-focused EMDR: a specialized protocol treating both single-incident and complex trauma. Unprocessed traumas can leave us suffering from a myriad of distressing symptoms, such as: anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger and more. Many resort to self-medication to manage this chronic sense of emotional discomfort. Through EMDR, we utilize bilateral stimulation to integrate unprocessed traumas. After successful treatment, clients will notice a dramatic decrease in their presenting symptoms.

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Most LGBTQ-identified individuals spend a significant portion of their lives living in secrecy, isolation and shame. As a result, they don't experience the empathic attunement and mirroring that we all need to feel whole. Yet many LGBTQ folks, having never had their needs met, struggle to grasp the their desire for these experiences all together. After all, how can you know that you need and crave something if you have never truly experienced in the first place? How does one know they need mirroring and idealizing experiences to feel fully happy and content if they have never experienced them so far in their life experience? Luckily, finding new relationships can dramatically shift one’s sense of self, leading to greater self acceptance and self cohesion. 

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There is so much more to addiction that the substance being used. The brain is primed for addiction long before most addicts pick up a drink or a drug (or begin to eat or have sex dysfunctionally for that matter). Addictions don't just happen. Many addicts come from backgrounds of of trauma. They are disinclined to be vulnerable, to talk about their feelings or share themselves truthfully with others.Most believe that addiction is chronic and not curative. But that doesn’t mean that great progress can’t be made. 

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