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We all seek connection.


Finding new relationships can dramatically shift one’s sense of self, leading to greater self acceptance and self cohesion. In couples therapy, you will learn about your attachment style—how relationships in family of origin include the way you form relationships in adulthood. You will learn how to communicate more effectively with your partner. You will learn how to get your needs met, and to meet the needs of your partner in return.

Find the relationship that works for you.

Here are some questions I might ask you in a couples session:

- What were your first impressions of your partner? What attracted you to them?

- What have been the happiest times in your relationship? What have been the most challenging times?

- How do you express affection toward your partner? How would you like them to express it to you?


- How do you handle conflict in your relationship?

- How do you experience connection with your partner?

To get started today, book a free consult call.

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